Dear friends and partners

MIPIM has made the decision to not proceed with MIPIM NY in its planned format in November 2023.
We are now focusing on bringing the US along with the rest of the world to MIPIM in Cannes.

We are looking forward to supporting the City of New York as well as other US cities along with the wider US real estate market, building on the success of the US delegation we brought to MIPIM this year, as a crucial, fast-growing part of the world’s leading real estate event in 2024. This year saw 22,500 attendees in Cannes, with the return of significant international delegations from Japan to Brazil, as well as a 33% increase on US attendance compared to 2022.

Thank you for your commitment to MIPIM NY & we look forward to seeing you at MIPIM Cannes in 2024.